By now you should have figured out that this is not a traditional dictionary of the English language. What you are reading now is far more useful.

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. Rudyard Kipling said that in 1923. Nearly a century later, we find ourselves dependent on drugs, and woefully ignorant of words. We are tremendously terrible stewards of language.

At its core, The Effin’ Word is an English dictionary. Like every dictionary on the Internet today, we provide readers comprehensive definitions of words.

But it is not enough for us to convey meaning, or to acquaint the reader with proper word usage. This is an easy task.

Ours is far more grandiose aspiration. Ours is for you to remember what is learned. Ours is to improve our reader’s lexicon one effin’ word at a time!

Here is the perfectly adequate usage of the word reciprocity:

The proposal calls for reciprocity in trade relations.

“reciprocity.” 2014.

And here is ours:

Relationships are based on reciprocity. Alejandro knew that. Which is why he would spend extra time working over Carla’s pussy after a particularly pleasing blow job.

“reciprocity.” The Effin’ Word. 2014.

Need more be said?

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We sincerely hope that this dictionary proves a useful reference to our readers.

Maurice Bendrix

Arlington, Va.
March 22, 2014