1 to project. 2 to terminate or border. 3 to be contiguous. 4 to meet with on, upon, or against.

Like any man of honest temper, Sam enjoyed ogling tits. Large tits, small tits, floppy tits: it didn’t matter much to him. Now Samantha, his wife, was a woman of stunning proportions. But she was small and self-conscious. So self-conscious in fact, that she decided to surprise her husband with breast augmentation. What she failed to realize — as women often do — was that Sam’s eyeballing of the sea of tits surrounding him on a daily basis meant absolutely nothing. Nothing! He loved Samantha in a very profound way, and her body was just a small part of what made Samantha Samantha. But, no matter how many times Sam would tell her so, Samantha could not shake the fear that her husband would leave her for a pair of gargantuan breasts. And so she found a doctor. And he found a knife. And it was done. Oh, what an awful sight to behold it was! Where there was once beauty, two jumbo-sized skin balloons jutted out from her chest like stoic piers standing firm in the ocean. They rubbed together as she walked, and abutted her chin. Her neck, one of Sam’s favorite places to linger in post-coital embrace, was gone. Vanished. Destroyed. And while these “things” did not alter his love for his wife, which remained as absolute as love for a person can ever be, Sam’s eyes began to loiter just a bit longer on women he wouldn’t have given a second glance to before.

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