The date with Kristy had been going so well for Lawrence that he thought changing venues from bar to bedroom would be a simple maneuver. A formality, really. His task was threatened, however, by the ruckus caused by the drunken, churlish men newly seated at a table across the room. Their boisterous indifference to those around them pierced the ambience of the night, and had thrown Lawrence off his game.


  1. Rude; cross-grained; ungracious; surly; illiberal.
  2. As soil: Wanting pliancy; unmanageable; unyielding; not easily wrought.


  • /ˈtʃɝːlɪʃ/
  • /ˈtʃɜːlɪʃ/


From Middle English churlysshe, cherlissh, from late Old English ċeorlisċ, ċierlisċ.

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