As filming wound down and the sun lowered in the yawning sky, the exhausted crew gathered around the director’s chair. In it sat Violet, wrapped loosely by a bathrobe that had fallen to her shoulders. Having just showered, Violet struggled to pull a brush through her hair. Water dribbled down her neck and between her breasts.

The director walked up from behind and wrapped her in a tight embrace. “Good work today Violet. Good work my dear,” he said, slowly exhaling so that his breath would warm the back of her neck. “You smell nice baby,” he whispered. She wiggled to break his embrace.

The director stood erect and cleared his throat. It was time for him to address the cast and crew.

“Sleep well tonight my friends, for tomorrow we shall film our final scene together,” he began. “Our dear Violet must be the cynosure of the day. Make her your goddess. Make her your muse. Make her your everything!

“Yes, her beauty is unparalleled. Yes! Her acting is without equal. Yes! But without you folks—without you, she is nothing.”


  1. Anything to which attention is strongly turned; a center of attraction, especially where beauty lies.
  2. That which serves to direct or guide.
  3. The northern constellation of Ursa Minor. Also known as the Lesser Bear or North Star.


  • /ˈsaɪnəʃʊɹ/
  • /ˈsɪn-/
  • /-ʃɚ/


From French cynosure, from Latin Cynosūra, from Ancient Greek Kunósoura, from kunós + ourá.

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