1 to cry down. 2 to censure as faulty, mean, or worthless. 3 a to clamor against. b to blame clamorously. c to discredit. d to disparage.

“Let me tell you a story,” Danny said to his reclining wife. “It’s a true story, but just go with it. Go with it.” Her attention was captured. “OK. Imagine a middle-aged, pudgy white dude. The kind of dude that wears a flag pin on his suit. His fucking fat roll pouring out over his belt. Still with me? OK. This guy’s a staunch conservative. The Tea Party type. He’s a doctor, but one of those self-righteous types that wants the government — irony anyone? — to meddle with reproductive rights. You know, loves to decry the murder of babies and all that nonsense. Anyway, anyway, now imagine this: Imagine this doctor, this family man, had affairs with six women, two of which were his patients. Imagine that. Now imagine he pressured his first wife — did I mention he’s had two wives — and at least one mistress into having an abortion. Not once. Not twice. But three times! Two abortions and one fuck you! Now: Imagine this dude — his name is Scott DesJarlais by the way — ran for Congress. Imagine that he ran to represent the great state of Tennessee. Imagine that he was elected. That the conservative voters in Tennessee knew these things and elected him anyway. Not one time, but two times! TWO TIMES!” Danny was screaming with increasing incredulity. His wife blinked a few times. “Well. At least he’s not a Muslim, right?”

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