“Today we are the lucky recipients of a private, after-hours tour,” Ed said, as he knocked on the ‘staff only’ door at the back of the Natural History Muesum. “A gift from my friend Dr Wilbur von Yuer. He’s found of our club, and a volunteer docent here.”

The door snapped open and a portly bearded fellow stepped out, looking around. “Quickly,” he said, motioning for everyone to step inside.

“Just one rule,” von Yuer said as he closed the door behind his guests, “look all you want… Don’t touch a thing!”

The formalities completed, the club began to break into smaller groups and awkwardly disrobe. As soon as everyone was completely nude, Ed spoke up and said: “Time to pair up. It’s a little chilly tonight, so keep your partner close. Now go out and explore all that the world has to offer.”

To most members of the club, ‘Nude Night’ was just a funky and fun way to do something thrilling. Knowing that, just hours before, the museum was filled with people leant a sense of forbidden, sometimes erotic danger to the evening.

For Ed it was different. For Ed it was about returning to the Eden of the Old Testament. Eden before the apple. When man knew not what nudity was. When dinosaurs and man lived together in harmony.


  1. Obsolete: Serving to instruct; teaching.


  1. United States: A tour guide at a museum, art gallery, historical site, etc.
  2. A teacher or lecturer at some universities.


  • /ˈdoʊ.sənt/
  • /ˈdəʊ.sənt/


From Latin docēns, present participle of doceō (“to teach”). As some central European teachers, a clipped version of privat-docent, from German Privatdozent, from German Dozent.

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