The elegantly equable tone of his deposition was in revealing contrast to the remarks made by his soon-to-be ex-wife. He had nothing to hide and spoke freely and clearly.

She, on the other hand, was caught on tape spreading her legs wide, and to many, and thought that obfuscation and half-truths could distract from her misdeeds.


  1. Uniform in action or intensity; not variable or changing; — said of the feelings or temper.
  2. Equal and uniform; continuing the same at different times; — said of motion, and the like; uniform in surface; smooth; as, an equable plain or globe.


constant, imperturbable, regular, steady, tranquil, uniform, unvarying


  • /ˈɛk.wə.bəl/


From Latin aequābilis, from aequō (“make level”), from aequus (“even, level”).

Alternative Forms

  • æquable (archaic)

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