I don’t care what these fast food companies tell me about their food being “real.” It’s ersatz junk that a fucking mule wouldn’t eat if it had a brain.


  1. Made in imitation; artificial, especially of a poor quality.


  1. Something made in imitation; an effigy or substitute.


artificial, faux, imitation, knock off


  • /ˈɛəɹsɑts/
  • /ˈɛəɹzɑts/
  • /ɛəɹˈsɑːts/
  • /ɛəɹˈzɑːts/
  • /ˈɝsæts/
  • /ˈɛəzæts/
  • /ˈɜːsæts/


Borrowed from German Ersatz (“replacement”), and from the German ersetzen (“to replace”).

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