/ɪkˈspeɪ ʃiˌeɪt/


1 a to enlarge in discourse or writing. b to be copious in argument or discussion. c to descant. 2 a to range at large, or without restraint. b to wander.

Sunlight broke through morning clouds, spilling orange onto the average American yards of an average American suburb. Keith awoke to find himself here, under an azalea bush. He sat up and looked around. There was a spent condom by his side. His khakis were unbuttoned, unzipped, and covered in cum. As he stumbled into the house that morning, buttoning his pants as he came in, Keith was stopped by his father. Giving him a once-over, the elder Keith began to forcefully expatiate on the dangers of public drunkenness. “I didn’t raise no wino slob,” he screamed, pointing to the younger’s pants. “Now go clean yourself up.”

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