One must acknowledge that the normalization of the right-wing media’s hortatory use of propaganda and its fever dreams about the good old days has led its viewers to grow comfortable with their own indifference to the Country’s subjugation — and even murder — of black people.

And more recently, what was indifference is now tacit, and sometimes quite throaty, approval.


  1. Giving exhortation or advise; encouraging; exhortatory; inciting; as, a hortatory speech.


  1. Exhortation or advice; incitement; encouragement.
  2. That which exhorts, incites, or encourages.


encouraging, exhortatory, inciting, protreptic


  • /ˈhɔɹtətɔɹi/
  • /ˈhɔːtətəɹi/


From Middle French hortatoire, from Latin hortor (“encourage”).

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