The man sat alone in his childhood tree fort, crosslegged and in complete darkness. His presence betrayed only by the moonlight reflected by his lupine eyes. He picked through memories: Water ballon fights, ditching school. Comic books and bugs. His first kiss. The sentimentality of it all nearly brought him to tears.

But not before his attention was captured by movement across the way. The fort was the perfect hight for him to peer directly into Mrs. Beasley’s bedroom, and he quickly raised binoculars so that he could better watch her undress.


  1. Wolfish; ravenous, predatory.


ferocious, gluttonous, insatiable, rapacious, ravenous, voracious


  • /ˈluː.paɪn/


Borrowed from Latin lupīnus, from lupus (“wolf”).


  1. A leguminous plant of the genus Lupinus, especially Lupinus albus, the seeds of which have been used for food from ancient times. The common species of the Eastern United States is Lupinus perennis. There are many species in California.

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