Cindy and Kelly were swimming in the prolonged descent toward an acrimonious breakup. They were equally vindictive and puerile, and each refused to yield on a single issue. Big or small, all things were a fight to the death. But each also felt their love was true love, and so they, despite the inevitable outcome, kept trying to make it work.


  1. Childish; trifling; silly; immature.
  2. Characteristic of, or pertaining to, a boy or boys.


boyish, childish, juvenile, trifling, weak, youthful.


  • /ˈpjʊɹɪl/
  • /ˈpjʊɹaɪl/
  • /ˈpjʊə.ɹaɪl/


From Latin puerīlis, from puer.

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