After an early dinner, it was not at all uncommon for Grandma’s affect to turn from outbursts of anger at the liberalization of the “mainstream media,” to quiescent viewer of Jeopardy. Little did her family know that her silence that night was born not from her secret fantasies about riding Alex Trebek’s bushy ‘stash, but from the aneurysm that was slowly draining blood into her brain.


  1. Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; not moving.
  2. Not ruffed with passion; unagitated; not in action; not excited; quiet; dormant; resting.
  3. (Grammar) Not sounded; silent.


  1. (Grammar) A silent letter.


dormant, latent


  • kwī-ˈe-sᵊnt
  • kwē-


Borrowed from Latin quiēscēns, present participle of quiēscere, from quiēs.

Common Misspellings

quinescent, quinescente

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