The fiery and savage children of the vitriolic ideology made popular by Donald J Trump, spoke with neither ruth nor pity. They were the foolish offspring of a confused patriotism. Genuine in their conviction, but utterly devoid of reason.


  1. Sorrow for the misery of another; pity; tenderness.
  2. Obsolete: That which causes pity or compassion; misery; distress; a pitiful.


  • /ɹuːθ/


From Middle English reuþe, ruthe, reuthe, rewthe, reowthe, corresponding to rue +‎ -th.

Proper Noun

The woman after whom the “Book of Ruth” is named. After her husband and father-in-law die, she travels to Bethlehem and marries her husband’s friend Boaz. They have a son named Obed, who is the grandfather of David, king of Israel.

In the Christian tradition, Ruth is a model of loving-kindness, behaving in ways that promoted the well-being of others.

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