Mr Morgan was a polite and solicitous history teacher at Centreville High. He made Kendra feel that he truly had the young sophomore’s interests at heart. She felt, even as she struggled to resist his sexual overtures, that his intentions were largely genuine. And that he could help mentor her into the Ivy League.

And he did. And then Kendra fell pregnant. Fearing for his job, and jail, Mr Morgan pushed hard for an abortion. Believing, in the naïve way young people do, that Mr Morgan was more than just a teacher, and that circumstance was destiny, she steadfastly refused.

“How can we tamper with fate?” she asked. “We were meant to be a family.”

Mr Morgan agreed. And then, hoping to kill two birds with one stone, cut the brake lines on her car.


  1. Disposed to solicit; eager to obtain something desirable, or to avoid anything evil; concerned; anxious; careful.




From Latin sōlicitus, sollicitus (“thoroughly disturbed, anxious”), from sollus (“whole, entire”) + cieō (“move, disturb”).

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