After many years of hoofing in the Las Vegas lights, a battle hardened Shalanda returned to the Bunny Ranch and became a supernumerary presence at the brothel. The roster was full, but she was one of Denny’s girls, and Denny always made space for his girls.


  1. Exceeding a necessary, usual, or required number or quality; superfluous; as, supernumerary addresses; supernumerary expense.
  2. Exceeding the number stated or prescribed; as, a supernumerary officer in a regiment.


  1. A person or thing beyond the number stated.
  2. A person or thing beyond what is necessary or usual; especially, a person employed not for regular service, but only to fill the place of another in case of need; specifically, in theaters, a person who is not a regular actor, but is employed to appear in a stage spectacle.


  • /ˌsupɚˈn(j)uməˌɹɛɹi/
  • /ˌsuːpəˈnjuːm(ə)ɹ(ə)ɹi/


From Late Latin supernumerarius (“extra soldier added to a legion”), from super (“above; beyond”) + numerum (singular of numerus).

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