For years and years, successive generations of Trumps lived up to their reputation as low-life wiseacres. They were always smarter and faster and stronger than the next guy they would proclaim to all that could hear. After all, they knew that the more a thing is said, the bolder and bigger and louder the lie, the more likely one was to suck in a gullible witness.

And suck they did.

But the cult of the Trumps, their strongmen reputation—it was all built on a foundation of sand. Trumpian hubris led them to believe it wasn’t so. However, it was self-evident to all clearheaded people that a cataclysmic collapse was inevitable.


  1. One who makes undue pretensions to wisdom; a would-be-wise person; hence, in contempt, a simpleton; a dunce.
  2. Obsolete: A learned or wise man.


know-it-all, smart aleck (also smart alec), smarty-pants, wise guy, wiseass, wisenheimer (also weisenheimer)


  • /ˈwaɪzeɪkə(ɹ)/


From Middle Dutch wijssegger (“soothsayer”), from Old High German wīzzago, wīzago (“wise man, prophet, soothsayer”).

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