1 making no truce or concessions. 2 obstinate…

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Compassion or pity for another.

Of course Obama is from fucking Kenya…

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Uniform in action or intensity; not variable or changing.

The elegantly equable tone of his deposition was in revealing contrast to the remarks made by his soon-to-be ex-wife…

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Sunk to a low condition; down in spirit or hope; degraded.

That Michele Bachmann was a cunning congresswoman was not in doubt. However, it was clear to all but her most rabid supporters that a President Bachmann would quickly lead the United States to abject ruin…

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The rejected or waste parts of a butchered animal.

Wilson was a connoisseur of food, both foreign and domestic. His was a proclivity towards meat, and he spent the lunch hour diving deeper and deeper into the bowels of the city to seek it out…

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Going about in the night; night-wandering.

The East Village is packed with the eclectic and the edgy. Gorgeous women are as plentiful as the dive bars and sidewalk cafes…

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Disposed to solicit; eager to obtain something desirable.

Mr Morgan was a polite and solicitous history teacher at Centreville High. He made Kendra feel that he truly had the young sophomore’s interests at heart…

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