Beginning to exist or appear.

Upon confirming our relationship status on Facebook I noticed her incipient beer belly and sagging breasts.

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To make, or move with, a whirring noise, as of wheels in motion.

Do you hear that birr coming from under the stove, or am I fucking nuts?

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Ready with great energy or spirit.

Steve was sparkling with the vim and vigor of a much younger man. He had the biting wit of a more learned man…

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Possessing or expressing great wisdom or judgement.

The journeymen politicos wagged their heads with Stalinesque deference as the arena around them reverberated with Donald Trump’s sapient remarks…

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/ˈkæs tɪˌgeɪt/ verb 1 a to chastise verbally. b to reprove. c to criticize severely. 2 a to punish by stripes. b to chastise by blows. c to chasten. Hannah often lauded her husband’s deft oral skill when reveling in their postcoital embrace. But later, when she was with her friends, she’d castigate him for a lack of competence both inside and outside of the bedroom.

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To teach by frequent repetition or instruction.

You can inculcate in yourself the ability to hold off orgasm through certain masturbation techniques.

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A period of youth or immaturity.

My grandfather slipped into a state of nonage after grandma passed, and gloated about giving oral sex to every woman in the nursing home.

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