Small or smallest.

Ryan was an abuser of trust and a seeker of thrill. Before pulling out, he would let a minim of ejaculate squirt out inside the women he slept with.

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Good of its kind; genuine or authentic.

Jasmine’s tits felt pukka but did not look the part.

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One who makes undue pretensions to wisdom.

For years and years, successive generations of Trumps lived up to their reputation as low-life wiseacres. They were always smarter and faster and stronger than the next guy they would proclaim to all that could hear…

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Wolfish; ravenous, predatory.

The man sat alone in his childhood tree fort, crosslegged and in complete darkness. His presence betrayed only by the moonlight reflected by his lupine eyes…

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To drink with relish; to swallow in large draughts.

A clique of polished young women quaffed goblets of shiraz at one end of the bar as Jay sat transfixed at the other…

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A merrymaking; noisy festivity.

As a lover of revelry and general jollification, Sammy was particularly adept at keeping the night from closing down around him and his crew…

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Rude; cross-grained; ungracious; surly; illiberal.

The date with Kristy had been going so well for Lawrence that he thought changing venues from bar to bedroom would be a simple maneuver…

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