A nonsensical or paradoxical question.

Apparently that age old koan about the goddamned chicken and the egg has been

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rara avis



A rare or unique person or thing.

John Holmes was, after all, a rara avis; a white dude with a giant fucking cock.

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To make clear or manifest; to render more intelligible; to illustrate.

Lest there be accusations that this publication lionizes toxic masculinity and embraces misogyny, we should say that our success in elucidating aspects of the English language is born not of reverence for these things, but of our propensity towards lowbrow subject matter and lazy humor.

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To utter with long, sighing breaths.

The comedian suspired his monologue, and the audience was sure it was because he had just received a blow job from the haggard looking cocktail waitress.

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1 the entrance of an enemy into a country with purposes of hostility…

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Red, or reddish; blushing.

Katherine ran the back of her hand along the underside of Kieran’s cock, grazing the hair on his balls. They’d played the edging game before, but she never grew tired feeling his erubescent flesh warm as he twitched toward climax.

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Gruesome; horrible.

Tourists would be wise to avoid the lurid sex shops on Christopher St…

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